Dimple creation Surgery


  1.    >  Do you want to add more cuteness to your face?
  2.    >  Do you want to have more beautiful smile?
  3.    >  Want to smile like celebrities?

Since ancient times, people with dimples are praised. Dimples are considered as a sign of good luck and prosperity in some cultures. Some cultures consider it as a gift and sign of cuteness.  Overall, it is a natural gift admired by all. With the popularity of cosmetic surgery and celebrities with dimples, dimple creation surgery has become a trend of this century. There is a huge demand for dimple creation surgery these days, as celebrities are going for it in huge number.

Dimples occur naturally due to a defect in the muscle of the cheek. It is a blessing in disguise.

Dimple Creation Procedure

Dimple creation surgery or simply ’’Dimpleplasty’’, is a day care, painless procedure. It is usually done under local anesthesia. The surgery is performed by making a small painless incision in the inside of cheek.  A tiny piece of cheek muscle is removed.  An absorbable “fixation suture” is then used to catch the underside of the cheek skin and secure it to the deeper soft tissue of the cheek. The inside of the cheek is then closed with one or two absorbable stitches, which dissolve in few days. There is no incision or scar on the outside skin. The Dimple Creation surgery takes around 30 minutes.

At first, there is a dimple present even without smiling, but after several days, or sometimes a few weeks, the dimple is only present while smiling or moving the face. The scarring between the inner skin and muscle will cause a permanent dimple even after the suture is absorbed.

Key factors:

  1.    >  Affordable
  2.    >  Safe and effective
  3.    >  Feel at home atmosphere
  4.    >  Highly qualified surgeons and staff
  5.    >  Internationally recognized services
  6.    >  Can be combined with holiday/business trip
  7.    >  Pick up facility for out of town guests
  8.    >  Comprehensive, packaged deals


Dimple creation surgery is a day care procedure; one can go home just after the surgery recovery. Sutures get absorbed within a week or two. You can resume to your work on that day itself, no hardcore down time is required. Your cosmetic surgeon will guide you for post surgery precautions and will prescribe medication, usually antibiotics. Spicy and hard food is to be avoided for couple of weeks; proper care should be taken while brushing teeth.

Key Benefits

  1.    >  Permanent beautiful dimples
  2.    >  Boost in self confidence
  3.    >  Day care treatment
  4.    >  Natural way
  5.    >  Instant result
  6.    >  Minimal downtime

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