Patient Stories


I put on a lot of weight post my first delivery and even after trying hard, I was not able to reduce it. Finally, I had to consider Liposuction under a plan called ‘mommy makeover’ for my problem. I was not sure about the results and recovery. But I got it done and I’m now about to complete my recovery period. I’m looking great already.



“My daughter was upset about her tummy, which had just sagged too much after she delivered her second baby. She was not really ready to get a Tummy Tuck done but there was no other option to get rid of the big belly she had post delivery.  With the Mommy Makeover Specialist advice, we got her treated and we are now happy to see our daughter, who is worry-free and extremely confident about herself.”



“It was a life changing experience for me. I was too concerned with the way my breast had started drooping after child bearing. I would recommend Mommy Makeover to any woman who has developed large breasts or big nipples after pregnancy. I underwent the treatment and I am happy with the results. I didn’t feel much pain and my breast contour looks tighter, firmer and certainly more in-shape.

I am all excited about the results.  Mommy Makeover treatment really helps you getting rid of those sagging breasts which create a crisis for you.  I recommend this treatment to all those women who want their old breasts back.”



“I’m a 38 year old female and I was suffering vaginal issues ever since I completed child bearing. I felt terrible about myself because I had such an embarrassing condition, which cannot be discussed openly. When I heard of mommy makeover treatment, which also includes Vaginoplasty along with other treatments, I was overjoyed.  I thought I’m too late to get this surgery done but he proved me wrong. This is my second month after the treatment and I feel fabulous. I’m living a worry-free life now!”



“My dream was to look fresh and young after my third child but my skin was not letting me look good. I could maintain fit body even after pregnancy but my skin started looking dull. I had heard about this Mommy Makeover treatment but wasn’t sure if the doctors also treat the skin.  I visited Allure medspa’s website and I was pleasantly surprised. They have specialised skin treatments for mothers. I signed some extensive treatments and mu skin feels wonderful now. Thank you Allure! ”