Laser Liposuction

  1.    >  Are you tired of dieting and exercise?
  2.    >  Is your weight destroying your personal and social life?
  3.    >  Dreaming to get a well-shaped and sculpted body?


Laser Liposuction Surgery

With the help of laser liposuction or fat removal, your dream for shaped and sculpted body like celebrities can come into reality. Our highly successful, most advanced Laser + Ultrasound assisted Liposuction is a day care, stitch less, key hole procedure to remove targeted fat pockets from area like tummy, love handles, back, hips, thighs, buttocks, legs, arms, Double chin, breasts. So wherever you’d like the fat removal process to begin, Allure medspa’s expert laser liposuction procedure could give you the body you want.

Laser Liposuction Procedure

Laser Liposuction can be performed on several areas of the body at the same time, and can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures. Fat is removed by first inserting a small, hollow tube (called a Cannula) through one or more tiny incisions. Guided by the surgeon, unwanted fat is sucked away.

Key factors:

  1.    >  Affordable
  2.    >  Safe and effective
  3.    >  Feel at home atmosphere
  4.    >  Highly qualified surgeons and staff
  5.    >  Internationally recognized services
  6.    >  Can be combined with holiday/business trip
  7.    >  Pick up facility for out of town guests
  8.    >  Comprehensive, packaged deals


Once the liposuction procedure is completed, it is crucial for you to follow the surgeon’s advice to ensure healthier and faster recovery. You may have to deal with numbness, swelling and soreness after the surgery and hence, it is important to give your body sufficient time to rest while avoiding any strenuous activity. Also, you will need to wear a garment in order to reduce the swelling that happens post surgery.

You would also need to visit the surgeon to get the stitched removed if incisions are closed with them. The surgeon may call you for a follow-up visit to check how well are you coping up and if there are any complications.  Medications, oral sedation will be prescribed to you get relieved from pain or swelling.

The recovery period, however, may vary from how intensive the surgery is and how well you look after yourself. It may take 5-10 days to recover in a normal case. Psychological recovery is another aspect of it. Although the aim of the surgery is to make you look slimmer and happier, you may be alarmed to see the swelling or bruising.

Key Benefits

  1.    >  Sculpted body
  2.    >  Attractive figure
  3.    >  Enhanced personality
  4.    >  Minimal downtime
  5.    >  Safe and effective

About Center

We, at Allure medspa, understand that you need to and want to lose weight in a healthier way. We at Cosmetic Surgery Center, ensure that with our liposuction treatments, you can achieve your weight loss goal successfully.  Our award-winning medical practice provides the safest and most effective weight loss programme to ensure that you lose weight and gain confidence. Our team will take care of you. Kindly go through the before and after pictures, FAQs and patient stories for information.

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