Labia reduction Surgery


There is most certainly a psychological insecurity, difficulty and fear in women, which is associated with not very symmetrical labia. It could be an embarrassing sign for a woman to have unsymmetrical labia. Many women feel dissatisfied with her labia, especially if they are asymmetrical, long or slightly bulky. However, with a labia reduction surgery, it is now possible to have aesthetically pleasing genitals. Typically, s procedure designed to reshape the external vaginal structure; a lip like structure that bounds a bodily orifice (especially any of the four labiate folds of a woman’s vulva) is known as labiaplasty.

The external female genitalia consist of the clitoris, the labia majora, labia minora, urethra and vagina which are at times collectively referred to as the vulvo-vaginal complex. The labia majora are the larger outer lips with a general fatty appearance whereas the labia minora are the delicate inner lips which have a fleshy appearance.

It’s a myth that the inner lips must be fully concealed by the outer lips. While there’s no defining of what makes a cosmetically perfect vulvo-vaginal complex, there are certain abnormalities that are usually a cause of concern amongst many women. Labiaplasty can be done with the intent of –

  1.    >  Correcting defect and deformity (either congenital or caused by trauma or both) such as inner lips being much larger than the outer ones, over-bulky outer lips, poorly formed labia and asymmetry.
  2.    >  Cosmetic or aesthetic refinement of the vulva.

Labia Reduction Surgery Procedure

Since this is an important decision, the surgeon will first put you thorough a one-to-one medical consultation, wherein you will be asked to highlight what you would like to see improved. This will help your surgeon to understand your expectations and determine whether they can realistically be achieved.

The procedure, usually performed under general anaesthetic, generally takes about an hour. The extra skin and tissues will be carefully cut out and the wounds will be closed up with sutures. We provide good post-op care although it’ll be your responsibility too to strictly follow our doctor’s instructions for a speedy and hassle-free recovery.

Key factors:

  1.    >  Affordable
  2.    >  Safe and effective
  3.    >  Feel at home atmosphere
  4.    >  Highly qualified surgeons and staff
  5.    >  Internationally recognized services
  6.    >  Can be combined with holiday/business trip
  7.    >  Pick up facility for out of town guests
  8.    >  Comprehensive, packaged deals


Complete recovery may take around a couple of months and sexual activity can be resumed only after doctor’s consent. Both the recovery time and risks will vary from person to person but trust us in maintaining utmost transparency with you regarding every tiny aspect of your procedure.

Key Benefits

  1.    >  Straight, sharp nose
  2.    >  No more nasal issues
  3.    >  Improved nose structure
  4.    >  Minimal downtime
  5.    >  Safe and effective

About Center

Allure medspa is one of the leaders in Labia Reduction Surgery, so you can count on our experienced surgeon and medical staff to enhance your personal comfort, boost your self-confidence and make your labia more aesthetically desirable at Cosmetic Surgery Center. Our Mumbai based award-winning medical practice, Allure medspa, provides the safest, most effective and minimally invasive procedures such as Labiaplasty. You can also check the before and after pictures, FAQs and customer testimonials for more information.

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